Who is Healthy Laura?

Healthy Laura @healthylauracom HealthyLaura www.healthylauracom Laura Kuklase
Nice to e-meet you! 
Looks like your curios to get to know HealthyLaura? I feel ya! I like to read about other peoples journey as well. That’s why I have put together a LITTLE MIX OF MOST COMMON QUESTIONS I GET + INTERVIEWS HEREHERE
Who is behind healthylaura.com ? 

A simple girl usually covered with almond flour. 😅

I´m Laura Kuklase, a dreamer from a small country called Estonia. Usually, you can find me in the kitchen covered with almond flour. I also need to apologise for not being word-perfect in English.

Healthy Laura Bookshelf & Food Photography inspiration @healthylauracom
Acai Bowl by Healthy Laura Food Photography & Styling & international food photography awards winner
The winner of the international food photography awards (@foodelia) & my acai bowl image
No, …

… I didn’t graduate from culinary school.

Instead, I studied law for five years and got my master’s degree. However, photography & kitchen has always been my happy place. 

HOW A LAWYER BECAME A FOOD photographer? 🤔

I have no idea. These two don’t go together very well. Probably it happened because I’m in love with photography for 10 years & cooking since childhood.

While I was still studying law and working in the law office, then I also worked part-time as a food photographer. In addition, I took photography courses at university. 

Still, my heart has always been on food photography. After working together with clients & magazines all over the world, I decided that it was time to go full-time on food photography.

Nice Cream by Healthy Laura Food Photography & Styling & international food photography awards winner
The winner of the international food photography awards (@foodelia) & my raspberry nice cream image
Quinoa Spaghetti by Healthy Laura Food Photography & Food Styling. HealthyLaura @healthylauracom Vegan quinoa pasta with pesto.
My Quinoa Spaghetti image @foodphotoawards (for my surprise, I even managed to do quite well on the world most prestigious food photography competition).


… that I’m at the beginning of my journey.

However, before I noticed my photography & recipes had been featured in a range of publications all over the world such as Thrive Magazine & Greatist

For my surprise, I even managed to win international food photography awards & to do quite well on the world most prestigious food photography competition😯Thank you!




Healthy Laura Featured at Thrive Magazine with Rhubarb Cake. @healthylauracom HealthyLaura
My rhubarb cake recipe at Thrive Magazine
Instagram takeover @healthfood - How I make my cashew "cheese"?
Healthy Laura Food Photography Blog @healthylauracom HealthyLaura
Food Photography Blog?
Messages + emails

Since I work as a food photographer, then readers kept asking for my food photography tips. For that reason, I started to blog about this topic as well. For my surprise, I quickly managed to get to the top awarded food photography blogs. As a result, you can find my food photography thoughts all over the place. I just answer to most common questions I get.


Because my readers highly insisted, then I wrote an eBook about 21-day food photography challenge about food composition & styling.


Photography Progress by Healthy Laura Food Photography & Food Styling
Special gift …… in one condition! 

My interest in photography began 10 years ago when I got my first DSLR camera. It was a Nikon D90 which I got as a gift from my lovely father. I’m a very lucky girl. 

It was a fantastic gift, but the only condition was that I had to take 200 different images every month. We are still laughing that I work as a food photographer since I have to shoot those images.

Healthy Laura @healthylauracom Laura Kuklase Food Phtography (toidufotograafia)
Healthy Laura Food Photograpy Portfolio. @healthylauracom healthy food photographer recipe photography, recipe photographer, food photography, product photography, cook book photography, healthy food photography, inspiration & ideas. I’m a Estonian healthy food photographer & food stylist. Olen Eesti toidufotograaf ning tegelen toidu fotograafia, retseptide pildistamisega, tervislike tooted ja kokaraamatute fotodega.
My portfolio?
DO YOU Offer Food Photography services?

… I do content magic for brands to stand out. 😍 I hope!🤞

I offer product & recipe photography (you can find my portfolio here).


You can also find some of my recipes at Side Chef app with voice guidance
My Zoodles Recipe at Diabetes Health Magazine
My recipe at Diabetes Health magazine