Gift Idea nr Two: Homemade Vanilla Extract

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Have you thought of doing your own vanilla extract? It´s super easy! Only two ingredients and takes one minute of your time. The rest of the time you just wait.

Do you have a friend who loves to bake? Or maybe someone in your family loves to bake? Yes?! Every baker is happy with good quality vanilla extract. It´s usually something that you must have in your cupboard when you love to bake. Vanilla extract goes inside all kind of desserts like cakes, puddings, ice creams, gelatos, sorbets, cream … I have used vanilla extract in some of these recipes: vanilla bean gelato, vegan raspberry & coconut ice cream, paleo apple crumble cake slice, paleo chocolate pecan tart, raw mini lime cheesecakes, raw mini chocolate pecan tart, paleo chocolate mud cake, vegan raspberry & coconut mini cheesecakes, cashew blueberry cookies, almond cookies, blueberry sorbet, coconut mousse etc. The list is too long to finish …

Vanilla Extract

Sometimes good quality vanilla is all you need to give that something in your desserts. Even if the recipe tells you to use vanilla sugar, then you can usually ignore that and use vanilla extract. The quality of vanilla extract is very important because otherwise, you can´t get the real vanilla taste even if you use the whole bottle. In the store, you might get some cheap vanilla imitations which aren´t good at all. The real vanilla extract is usually quite expensive and because of that, it is good to do it yourself.

Christmas is coming and this easy gift is just for people who like to bake. Most importantly it´s super easy to make and you will get the good quality real vanilla extract. How do you make it? Just put the two ingredients together and that´s it. The rest of the time you just wait and shake sometimes. How easy was that? When you start now then it will go to vanilla extract for Christmas. You need only two ingredients: vanilla bean and alcohol. Yes, you need vodka. Don´t worry usually you will bake the alcohol out when you use this. So, it´s safe to give the baked goods for children as well. For me, it was quite weird to go to the store alone and buy some vodka. The cashier gave me quite a weird look and just asked some document. Happens …

Makning Vanilla extract

It was three years ago when I first started doing my own vanilla extract and two years ago when everyone who loves to bake in my family got this vanilla extract. When I told them what are the ingredients, then, of course, everyone laughed that I gave them a bottle of vodka as a present. 🙂 Actually, they even used it! At least they told me that they used it for desserts.

Making Vanilla Extract

Homemade vanilla extract


  • 100 ml alcohol (vodka)
  • 1 vanilla bean (it shouldn´t be dry, otherwise you can´t open the vanilla bean)


  1. Split vanilla bean half lengthwise with a sharp knife. Scrape out the seeds (with a knife) and put it into a nice bottle. Add the bean inside the bottle.
  2. Cover the vanilla bean with vodka.
  3. Store it in cool dark place and in the first few weeks shake the bottle a few times in a week. It´s ready in a month or so (it should get that dark colour). It´s like wine, the flavours go stronger over time. However, I don´t suggest to use it after about six months (some say even a few months but I have noticed that when it´s in a cool dark place, the bottle is airtight and you use vodka, then it doesn´t go bad that easily like rum).
  4. Shake the bottle and strain the vanilla extract before using.

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