3 Soup Styling Ideas

My three soup styling & composition ideas for food photography. Even though I feel like it’s one of the hardest foods to shoot, I still think that these little composition ideas always help me.

Out of all the foods I feel like soup is one of the hardest to style! Of course, there’s ice cream as well since I have to work quickly. However, when I have to style a soup, I always struggle. That’s why when I don’t have any idea what to do with that soup, then I like to use three simple styling ideas. I don’t use these ideas only for a bowl of soup but any other image as well as you can see above.


The idea here is to use a triangle on your composition. All I need to do is to place your food in a triangle shape. Once I learned that composition technique, then I started to notice that many other photographers are using that technique as well!  The idea is to give an eye some direction in a more aggressive way.


When I work with round shapes such as bowls (obviously 😅), then I like to use different sizes of circles. I can lead my eyes through the frame. Don’t worry I didn’t think that out by myself. This circles composition is well known in photography and people use this one all the time. Compare to triangles aggressive way the circles are more divine and will give a little bit more calm harmony to the image.


This is another classic technique that I use for almost all my images. I use food as a prop. For example, here I used the same beetroot inside the soup and as a prop. It’s one of the easiest ways to create a little bit of minimalistic style for your images (for more styling ideas click here). Also, repeating the elements don’t also mean that you have to use food as a prop. You can repeat your elements with spoons, bowls or plates as well. The choice is yours, and you can go creative with your styling.

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