VIDEO: My NR 1 Mistake when I started food photography

Yes, I’m guilty of shooting in the dark kitchen!
Yes, I’m guilty of underestimating the light!
Yes, I’m guilty of using a small flash when starting out.


It’s important to understand that it doesn’t matter how excellent camera gear you have. You still need to think about the lighting. I believe that without great lighting, there can be no great photographs!

I remember when I started with my food photography, I used to shoot in the dark kitchen at night time. This was not the right solution whatsoever.

Year 2015 vs 2019

Doesn’t matter how good your food is. It will always look bad because of bad lighting.

THAT was my NR 1 mistake when I started out! NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

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1. Use natural light. Find a good window light or ideally – use a north-facing window for better results (no, you don’t have to use your kitchen for food photography). YES, the BEDROOM floor is perfect as well when the light is there. I FOLLOW THE LIGHT!

Natural Light in Food Photography

Watch full Youtube video HERE.


2. Don’t use direct sunlight. When you have harsh light, just use a professional diffuser (or white curtain) to create better light conditions. Otherwise, you might end up with highlight clipping.

Food Photography Natural Light by Healthy Laura


3. Manipulate light with white, grey, blue, or dark boards when needed.

manipulate light in food photography

Watch Full Youtube VIDEO here.

4. Make sure that the surroundings of the room don’t reflect weird light. For example, it took me a long time to understand that having a black couch in my the studio room wasn’t a good idea since it absorbed a lot of light.


Move your photography set up next to the window & avoid direct sunlight. Play around with boards & make sure that the surroundings of the room don’t reflect weird light.

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