DIY Photography Backdrop with Texture for Food Blog

I think you AGREE with me that food photography depends a lot on the texture.

Still, it took me a while to figure out DIY photography backdrop texture. 😅

Bottom line? Food blog backdrops should be affordable for me. That’s why I I found TWO techniques to get some texture for my DIY food photography backgrounds. I’m sure there are many more. However, these are my favorites.

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My basic DIY food photography background

DIY photography backdrop obsession: TOO MANY?!

In every 3-4 months, I find myself making a new DIY backdrop for my food photography & styling. It’s almost like my weird obsession. I’m like a little kid who loves to play around with colors. It’s so relaxing and fun.

Practical solution? 

STILL, I try to keep it as practical as possible. I don’t have a huge place where to keep all my CRAZY DIY photography backdrop collection. For that reason, I have a trick on my sleeve.

What’s your trick? Read my previous post about my TWO IN ONE photography backdrops here.

Food Blog Backgrounds Save Space by Healthy Laura @healthylauracom. HealthyLaura food blog tips.

#2 Techniques for DIY Photography Backdrop for Food Blog with Texture

#1 Option: Find already existing boards with texture + PAINT

My solution: Floor tiles with texture (more about this topic here). Yes, that’s the same blog post link that I told you before. 

Food Composition Backdrop Texture & Turmeric Latte by Healthy Laura @healthylauracom. HealthyLaura @healthylauracom background materials

#2 Option: Become a “Building Laborer”

My solution: Filler

However, this time I used a little bit different technique that is cheaper than floor tiles. My secret hack & tips is a filler (it’s meant to be for walls)! Yes, I went to my local construction store and got my hands on that one since it’s a secret sauce for my backdrop texture.

Learn more about #foodphotography with my 21-day challenge

However, before you buy anything make sure that you go to your basement or garage. You might already have everything you need for your dream board! 😅

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My DIY backdrop on Instagram (IGTV

What did I use?
#1 MDF board vs Save Money

MDF + wood board, or the other side your existing backdrop. Be creative maybe you don’t need to spend money at all! 😉

#2 All-purpose filler

That’s right filler! Usually, they use that one for walls. You can choose whatever brand is available to you. Just ask from your local store or friend who knows all about construction work. I’m obviously not an expert on that one. 😅

The only reason I share the link for that filler is that I got many questions about that one. However, since I live in Estonia, then I’m quite sure that most of you can’t buy the same one. Because of that, I searched for something similar so that you could get an idea what I used.

#3 Card

A plastic card that I didn’t need anymore. (You can use special equipment such as drywall knife for that filler).

Analyze Instagram Grid Colors By Healthy Laura @healthylauracom & HealthyLaura background materials

#4 Paint: Black, white and grey.

How I choose my color palette? How I analyze my Instagram grid colors? Read here

#5 Mix it? Sponge

You can choose whatever sponge you like. I saw Bea Lubas used kitchen sponge as well. I have a little bit bigger one.

My DIY backdrop & Instagram stories & food blog backdrops. My best cheats, tricks & hacks for food bloggers to create instagram photography ( @healthylauracom ). #creativework #foodphotography #foodblogger #foodblog #photography #creative #creativeside

My DIY backdrop on Instagram (IGTV

How to guide for texture? My food blog DIY backdrops

(Check out my video on Instagram (IGTV) where I show you how I made it)

1. Texture: FILLER

I covered my board with that filler + made some texture with my plastic card. (Imperfect is perfect! I need that texture for my photography).

2. DRY: Patience

I let it dry about 24 hours in a dry place. (Better to find a place where you can play around with your “chemicals”. Make sure you don’t ruin anything else & you follow Safety requirements”. My advice is to do it outdoors (not like me)).

Blog Backdrop & Hemp Seed Milk with Edible Roses by Healthy Laura Food Styling. HealthyLaura @healthylauracom background materials

3. MIX COLORS: Back to school

I played around with my colors and used my sponge to mix the colors. Try to remember what you learned in school about mixing the colors (or search for Google help).

EXAMPLE: When I mixed grey & white, then I got a blue(ish) color. For my grey backdrop, I mixed grey and black to get a little bit darker grey as well.

Again, color palette post is here

DIY photography backdrop & almond apple cake by Healthy Laura food photography & styling. Food Photography HACKS for styling & composition. My Photography cheats by Healthy Laura Food Photography & Styling. My cheap DIY backdrops for food photography & styling. My secrets for texture, favorite food blogging tips, inspiration, ideas to blogging inspiration and resources. My best cheats, tricks & hacks for food bloggers to create instagram photography. #foodphotography #foodstyling #foodcomposition #foodblogging #foodblogtips

My final DIY backdrop & Paleo Almond Flour Apple Cake

4. DRY

I let it dry about 24 hours in a dry place.


I had “fun” with my new grey DIY backdrop and shoot an apple cake.


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