Food photography awards? News? Crazy last few weeks?

Two food photography awards + eBook + clients work!? I still can’t believe it all!

First of all, I’m going to make a classic apologize that I haven’t posted here for a while. Still, if you follow me on Instagram, then you might already know everything. However, since many of you don’t use it, then I’m just going to make a quick summary here with my latest activities regards to food photography. 😍

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1.eBook Launch + Giveaway (Online Workshop) 😍

Yes, it’s finally out & I have already got such great feedback from you guys! Thank you SO much. That means a lot! I really put my heart & soul into this eBook.

Instagram giveaway @healthylauracom

Right now I’m working one-on-one with three giveaway winners who won online #foodphotography “workshop”.

That’s just so exciting to get to know you and your photography! Those video calls with them are just magical!

Instagram giveaway @healthylauracom

2. International food photography awards winner (@foodelia) – For my surprise, these TWO images were the winner for @fooddelia  international food photography awards! I just got an email yesterday 😳 & I read it for five times. 🙈🙈🙈 After that, I made my usual a silly happy dance alone in the middle of the kitchen. I couldn’t believe it! Thank you! 😍

3. Pink Lady food photography awards (@foodphotoawards) – I was shortlisted with this image here! 😳 It means a lot to me since last year I sent my image there without results. 😓 Not to mention, that before I participate, I scrolled their website forever! 🙄 Last year, I was just quite sad! 😥 Still, my only thought was: “NEXT YEAR!” Now it happened! Thank you! 🙏😊

My Instagram post @healthylauracom & my quinoa spaghetti

4. Clients work – As I mentioned, there’s just so much client work for me, that sometimes I really struggle with posting here. Still, probably it’s just my own bad time management. 😅 I really appreciate these amazing opportunities! 🙏

My Instagram post @healthylauracom
Some of my work for @dolceladolce_uk

Some of my work for @lesgranolasdejenny
Some of my work for @maitseelamused

Right now I have many long-term contracts with clients around the world. In addition, I started to work with some local clients in Estonia! 😊 Sometimes it’s just good to see some people in real life instead of video calls. 🤣

Behind the scenes & Instagram @healthylauracom stories screen shots
Behind the scenes & Instagram @healthylauracom stories screen shots
Behind the scenes & Instagram @healthylauracom stories screen shots

I still can’t believe that it’s all happening. Furthermore, I would like to thank you all for your amazing support! Thank you! 🙏😊 Also, I hope that this post wasn’t too much with some exciting things that have happened to me. Sometimes I’m quite shy with my little accomplishments. Still, I have realized that it’s important to list some awards to promote my work. 😊

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  1. Laura, congrats, you have learned so much over time and I do admire your photography. Just keep on learning! You deserve all these awards!