My IT BLUES: Web Hosting Issues


Yes, I know this is totally off topic and if you visit this site constantly you might think what’s this?! If you are not interested in the blogging world, then you can close it right away. No worries. I won’t take it personally. However, I really wanted to share this experience with you what happened with my food blog web hosting service. Why my site was down for a while? Maybe someone learns from this as well.

MY IT blues? + My apologies

Finally, a happy girl here! For the last few months, I have had some IT issues all over the place on this website. I honestly felt that when I managed to fix one issue, then there came a new one. I can only blame myself on this.

Not to mention, that I’m not good at IT. If you visit this site frequently, then I need to apologize for all those issues.

More complex?! Just a simple food blog …

After Googling for some time, I realized that I should just do some baking and let the IT guys do the work. How hard can it be?! I just have a simple website?! Still, TWO IT guys tried to fix all those issues. Nothing.

Looks like it was more complex. As always, there are many sides of the story. I felt hopeless & stupid at the same time. All I wanted to do was bake. 🙄

Third One: Magic

Finally, I managed to find a THIRD IT guy who made some magic! Thank you! I had a birthday, and out of the blue, I got the best gift ever. My IT issues were fixed. 😊

My food blog web hosting service provider issues by Healthy Laura Food Photography & Styling. @healthylauracom HealthyLaura breakfast in bed and food blogger tips & inspiration as food photographer & food blogger. My experience and tips for a wordpress site as a food blogger. #foodblogging #foodblog #wordpressblog #wordpress #webhosting #serviceprovider #website #foodblogger
Moving? New food blog web hosting service, again!

Yes, I moved my site to a new food blog web hosting servce. AGAIN! Third time! Now the site is up and running, and I can breathe again. YAY! I hope it only gets better from here — great lesson.

Yes, I know that there’s always going to be some issues that I need to take care of. However, I’m just going to enjoy this peaceful moment right now! 😅

Why on earth have you had three web hosts?
#1: Traffic: Local vs Not ?! 🙄

When I started this blog years ago, then I had no idea what should I consider while starting a blog. I just chose my local web hosting service in Estonia. However, once I started to get some traffic, then the difficulties arise. One of the problems were that most of my traffic (about 70 %) comes from the US, but the server was not there.

Pinterest traffic …. I didn’t manage it!🙄

I wanted to make sure that the website loads faster and try another web hosting service.  Yes, Pinterest traffic is fantastic when you can handle it all at once. The problems arise once some of my Pins went viral. Above all, I still have 1,3 – 4 million monthly views on Pinterest and that brings me a lot of traffic.

#2: New Web Hosting Service: Customer Support Problem?

I changed my web host service provider since it was recommended. I have no idea what’s the best one. For that reason, I just listen to someone who knew that part. I did some research, and it looked like a good idea. It is a great web hosting platform and hosts tons of huge websites. At that point, I felt it was a good decision.

However, that web host was not for me. It’s a great web host. Still, I’m not an IT guy, and I don’t know much about this world. I should have had one IT guy regularly around me who could fix all the problems right away. That would have cost me A LOT. Not to mention, that 24/7 customer support was a massive headache.

#3: Lifesaver: Third one? 😍

Solution? Flywheel. The third IT guy in Estonia recommended that one. Therefore, it seemed to me that he knows his craft and I trusted him with that one.

My food blog server provider issues by Healthy Laura Food Photography & Styling. @healthylauracom HealthyLaura food blogger tips & inspiration as food photographer & food blogger. My experience and tips for a wordpress site as a food blogger. #foodblogging #foodblog #wordpressblog #wordpress #serverprovider #website #foodblogger

What do I know?! It’s his everyday job, and I was sure he knows better than me. I was already tired of explaining my issues to all the IT people. He understood my problem right away and suggested a solution! Not just a quick fix but also a cheaper one that should probably work in the long run. I hope!

Answers to all my annoying questions

What a relief & 24/7 customer support! Flywheel moved my WordPress site to their server. Therefore, I didn’t have to go through that FTP, backups and all that plaplapla … all by myself. THEY SAVED ME! Once I got problems I just wrote them and I got solutions right away. It was a big relief since I felt I wasn’t all alone. I didn’t have to Google everything. Again.


Now it’s time to celebrate my new web “home”. Yes, my kind of celebration is just going to the sauna and maybe baking something good.

RECAP: What I wish I have asked before I chose my web hosting service?
  • Future goals & traffic location? Make sure you know what’s your goal and where does your future traffic comes.
  • How much traffic can the web hosting service handle?
  • Customer support 24/7? How good are you at IT?

 If you are thinking about creating a website/ blog, then select carefully your food blog web hosting service provider. You don’t need that kind of IT stress all over the place.

This post is not here to blame anyone. In the end, I can only blame myself if something is wrong in here. I’m just telling you my experience and I hope someone can learn from this. 😊

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