7 Homemade Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts

Finally, my boxes arrived and I was able to finish my small Christmas gift project. I felt like Santas elf while doing these endless gifts. So happy with the results! I only had a vision how they should look like and the results were just the way I liked it.

Christmas Gifts

The last few months have been so dark here in Estonia. The sun comes out maybe once or twice a week or even once in few weeks. It´s sometimes like polar night! There are days when even in the middle of the day is quite dark. I don´t mind when sometimes is dark and I can read quietly with light. But for food photos, it´s quite annoying. So, I have had some trouble to make nice photos.

But looks like I´m not the only one who complains about natural light in Estonia. A week ago I went to a nice art exhibition of Estonian artist Ilmar Kruusamäe and even he said that he doesn´t paint this time of the year because he can´t see the natural colors. Of course, photography is different. But still, I don´t have the photo studio at home. In addition, I really like food photos with natural light. It just brings out the colors in the right way. However, soon it´s already January and the days get longer again. So, it´s not long to wait!

Christmas Gifts

I´m one of the people who somehow really like homemade gifts. When someone has made something with their own hands, then I´m always happy to see that. It doesn´t have to cost much. It just important that it comes straight from the heart. Here I have put together a small guide for homemade gifts which are easy to make. Usually, the hardest part is to find a nice box, bag or a jar. I hope you will find something useful here.

7 Homemade Christmas Gifts:

1. Box of Homemade Truffle

Homemade Truffles for Christmas


Raw Vegan Paleo Truffles

Rawe Vegaqn Snickers Truffles

Coffee Energy Bite Truffles

White and Milk Chocolate Truffles

Cococnut Truffles

Almond Marzipan Truffles

2. Rocket Pesto

Rocket Pesto

3. Vanilla Extract

Homemade Vanilla Extract

4. Gingerbread

Vegan Paleo Gingerbread

5. Cupcakes

Gluten Free Blueberry Cupcakes (almond meal)

Raw Vegan Gluten and Sugar Free Snickers Cakes

6. Cookies

Almond Cookies

Cashew Blueberry Cookies


7. Granola



Grain free paleo granola photography
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