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Since I have had many questions about my food photography boards, then I thought that I’m going to share my little secrets about my boards. The most popular board is always the marble one. To be honest, it’s fake and costs about 10 euros. Yes, I’m too cheap to buy the real one which costs approximately 100 euros. Maybe one day I will have my kitchen workspace out of marble. That sounds like a dream.

The truth about backdrops is that you can spend A LOT of money on these. I have seen some online shops where one backdrop costs about 100 to 200 dollars. These backgrounds are amazing and will last forever. However, the international shipping to my place costs about the same price as the board itself. Almost. So, I rather make my own or find some cheap ones. No more than 20 euros. Thanks. In the end, I get tired of them quite quickly.

I haven’t bought any special backdrops for food photography. All I need is a board that looks good and has a great color and texture. The best backgrounds are stone (or porcelain) and wood.

When I started, I bought a lot of papers as well. However, it isn’t the best option since you can’t clean it unless it’s a special material. It’s also not a place where you have to keep everything clean. Sometimes you just have to make a mess on the image to make it more real. The other problem with the usual paper is that they get crumpled quite quickly, and this doesn’t look good unless you want a crumpled paper.

Here I give you three options for your photography boards. Firstly, you can always make your background. Secondly, the other solution is that you just have to find it somewhere. If you don’t like to mess around with paint or hand drill, then you can always buy a professional background for your food photography.

1. Make your own

This one here is my favorite way. You can make sure that you have your unique backdrop that no one else has. You just need to put some effort on your boards, and you can be sure that you have a killer photography board.

Buy or find some old wooden boards or floor tiles (porcelain). After that, you need a painting skill like a one-year-old (I like to use the swab painting technique on my boards). Remember that imperfect is just perfect! Just make sure that you use some neutral colors that are perfect for DIY food photography. Go creative and explore the colors (make your color pallet with Adobe color wheel). Painting your boards is actually quite fun and relaxing. You might feel like you are back in your childhood.

Don’t forget that you might have a different color when you mix some colors. My personal favorite is grey. So, I bought black and white, and I got my grey. I also used some different pastel colors such as beige, grey, and white.

2. Find your own

Option 1: Go to your local building supply store and look for bigger floor tiles (or maybe you have a friend who works in some kind of construction and they have some leftover floor tiles). My favorites are porcelain floor tiles. You might already have some boards in your garage, attic or basement. I went to three stores, and all of them told me that they are not going to sell me only one tile.

My Instagram @healthylauracom stories screenshots (behind the scenes)

Obviously, I didn’t want to buy something like 20-floor tiles (well, I can always share them 🙂 ). Finally, I found one little store who sold me one-floor tile. In the end, I bought five different floor tiles. Recently, I even paint the other side of the floor tiles and used them as a “new” board.

Option 2: Go to your country house, attic, garage or basement. Look for some old boards out of wood or stone (you might need to put your wooden planks together as well). These rustic boards might be perfect for photography. I used all these options, and I was pleased with my treasures. All I needed to do was to clean them from dust or cut them into a suitable shape. I still can’t believe that I got these photography boards almost for free.

Option 3: You can order your fake marble backdrop online (Amazon: UK/US) or your local shop. I even have three different marbles. Two white ones and one black marble (UK/ US). However, I still suggest you stick the “marble” on some kind of board. Just get some wooden boards or painters canvas and stick this marble to your “board”. Otherwise, it will be rumpled after some time (I have tried to skip that part, but I ended up ordering a new “marble”).

3. Buy real background

Go to Amazon, eBay or just Google it. There are many businesses for photography backdrops. I’m not going to give a long list of photography backdrop businesses since I haven’t ordered any backdrops from them. I’m sure you can find them with some help from Google. I have ordered only the faux marble but this one isn’t technically a “real” photography backdrop.

I hope you will get your hands covered with color and you will create your amazing backgrounds that will make your food photography even better than it already is. If you have already made some backgrounds for your food photography, then I hope that you will have some inspiration to create new ones. Let me know if you have any other great ideas for food photography backgrounds.

Also, detailed post how I make my DIY backdrops here.

If you liked these ideas, then please leave a comment below or tag me on Instagram @healthylauracom or another platform when you use these tips. Your feedback is very valuable to me.

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  1. Yes, I have been looking for that marble. I can’t believe that it’s fake and looks that good. Looks like I have to order it right now.

  2. Finally. I have been looking for that marble background! Love your photography posts. Keep it up and I look forward to these kinds of posts.

  3. I love the idea of using the other side of a tile! It gives so much depth and structure to background
    I’ve been making some backgrounds myself but I notice that I really miss something grey, the idea to mix up some paint is a good one. I saw another post via Pinterest about making a rusty underground with black, white and brown paint, looked amazing!

    • Thanks, Eva! I like the texture as well 🙂 I’m so proud of you that you have made some backgrounds yourself! I like mixing the colors as well. It gives that something on the board. Keep up your work!

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing these lovely tips. Can I just ask where your bought your tripod? And can you attach a link please.


  5. I have lots of floor tiles I’ve been using as backgrounds, but I’d never thought to turn them over to paint the backs. Life changing! You have literally doubled my collection and given me so many more cool patterns and textures to work with. Thank you so much.