Coconut Pannacotta with Berries

Easy refined sugar-free and dairy-free coconut pannacotta that is a perfect treat when you would like to have something light as a dessert.

This week we had a special event in Estonia. 🇪🇪 We celebrated the Day of Restoration of Independence in Estonia. So, when you follow me on Instagram, then you probably already saw this dessert that colors are inspired by Estonian flag. That’s a coconut “pannacotta”. Yes, that sounds like an Italian dessert. However, I ate this kind of milk jelly (in Estonia we call it “piimatarretis”) when I was a little kid, and my grandmother used to make it. Since my body doesn’t tolerate the dairy product, then I decided to make a few adjustments and replace the heavy cream with coconut milk.

Also, if I’m already writing about Estonia, then I’m also going share some random facts* about my home country (in case you would like to “brag” about these useless facts in a dinner table):

  • About 50% of Estonia’s territory is covered with FOREST 🌳(or at least that’s what Internet says. So, it “must be” right?!). 🙄
  • The Estonian LANGUAGE is one of the hardest to learn for a native English speaker. We have 14 NOUN CASES!  We have no future tense. It belongs to the small Finno-Ugric language group and is quite challenging to learn.
  • Estonia has an estimated population of 1.31 million.😯

  • We have ICE ROADS ❄️ that are for example 26 kilometers (about 16 miles) long on the Baltic Sea.
  • In Estonia, it’s possible to do many things ONLINE. For example, we can pay for parking, open a business, declare our taxes and vote online (however, there are still many problems).
  • Estonia is a small country. However, according to the Wall Street Journal, it produces more START-UPS per capita than any other country in Europe. 🤓
  • The length of the LONGEST DAY ☀️ in the summer is over 19 HOURS, while the shortest winter day lasts only 5-6 hours 🌙✨ (at least that’s what the Internet says. I would say that when it’s cloudy, then there are days when it’s almost dark all the time). That’s why it’s quite a challenge to shoot some images in the winter time.
  • The Estonian CUISINE is a mixture of the German, Russian and the Scandinavian cuisines.

* This is not an academical work so don’t ask for references.

Dairy-Free Coconut Vanilla Panna Cotta with Black Currants

6 ramekins 

Preparation: 10 minutes

Ready: 6 h 10 minutes

Nutritional information (per one ramekin): 152,8 kcal, Protein: 1,66  g, Net Carbs: 6,8 g, Fat: 12 g

For the pannacotta:

  • 2 gelatine leaves
  • 400 g (14 oz) coconut milk (unsweetened, tinned and it should also go a little bit hard when it sits in the fridge overnight)
  • 1 vanilla bean, split lengthways, seeds scraped out
  • 1 tsp raw honey

For the sauce:

  • ½ tsp raw honey
  • 200 g black currants or other berries (frozen or fresh)
  • 50 ml water

For serving:

  • some fresh berries and edible flowers (I used cornflowers)


  1. For the pannacotta, soak the gelatine leaves in a cold water until soft (about 5-10 min).
  2. Place the milk, vanilla pod and seeds into a pan and bring to a simmer. Remove the vanilla pod and set it aside (once it’s dry you can use this to give some extra flavor for your dry ingredients, such as sugar or protein powder). Add honey and stir until dissolved.
  3. Squeeze the water out of the gelatine leaves, then add to the mixture and take off the heat. (It´s essential that you don´t boil the mixture with the gelatine because then the gelatine doesn´t set later). Stir until the gelatine has dissolved.
  4. Spray the ramekins with cooking spray (or coconut oil), then use a paper towel to wipe out most of the oil.
  5. To make the pannacotta extra smooth you should pour the cream mixture through a strainer. Then divide the mixture among six ramekins or glasses and leave to cool. (I usually use silicone cake molds or muffin pan because then it is easier to take out the pannacotta).
  6. Place in the fridge for at least 6 hours or overnight (until set).
  7. For the sauce, put the berries into a pan and bring it to boil. Reduce the heat and simmer about 7 minutes and then add honey. Stir until dissolved. Cool down the berries.
  8. To serve, run a round-bladed knife around the sides of the ramekins to loosen any stuck edges (or serve the pannacotta in a glass). Turn each pannacotta out onto a serving plate. Spoon over the sauce and garnish with berries and flowers.

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