Gift Idea: Quick 5 Ingredients Protein Raffaello (+ VIDEO)

Quick 5 Ingredients White Chocolate Coconut Protein Truffles

I usually never buy chocolate from the store. It doesn’t mean that I don’t eat chocolate. Like every other girl, I LOVE chocolate. I’m just used to order one kilogram of cocoa butter and make my own refined sugar-free raw chocolate. When I first started with my own raw chocolate, then I almost wanted to give up on getting the perfect texture for the white chocolate. The honey and melted raw cocoa butter just didn’t go together properly. Sometimes I got layers of honey and cocoa butter. I tried different techniques to get the right consistency. It’s not like melting usual chocolate which has many additives inside to make sure it melts properly. When you use the water bath, then the raw cocoa butter with raw cocoa powder actually works quite well and you’ll get the nice texture for raw chocolate. You just have to make sure that you melt it very slowly.

Quick 5 Ingredients White Chocolate Coconut Protein Truffles

However, I found that when I wanted to make white chocolate truffles with raw cocoa butter, then I wasn’t happy with the texture. So, I almost wanted to give up to get my perfect raw white chocolate but then I had an idea to blend the cocoa butter to get in at the right temperature and texture. I haven’t seen that techniques anywhere but I decided to give it a try. After failing miserably before with melted raw cocoa butter I just can’t even describe how happy I was when I realized that the blending technique works! You don’t even have to make any cooling before you can roll the truffles and the texture is just the best you can find for raw chocolate (or just coconut energy balls, coconut protein bliss balls). You can call them whatever you like. 🙂

Now, it’s my favorite white chocolate that disappeared from the fridge so quickly. It’s even a little bit dangerous. I have been looking for a healthier version of white chocolate ganache truffles for so long and I can finally say that I’m more than happy to say that I found it. It’s probably better not to even count the number of truffles I have been eating for the last few weeks. I can only say that I need to order a new package of raw cocoa butter (drops). The recipe for this paleo & vegan white chocolate coconut truffles is just super easy and takes only about 15 minutes of your time and if you feel like you can share these truffles, then it’s a perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones. The truffles itself are something creamy and sweet. Just like Raffaello. If you don’t like protein inside the truffle, then you can always leave it out. If you would like to have a whole almond inside the truffle, then you are more then welcome to add it. I hope you all enjoy this recipe!

P.S. Some time ago Depositphotos reached out to me and asked for an interview about my food photography. I don’t think that I’m a professional food photographer. So far it has just been my hobby but if you are interested in food photography, then you can read the interview HERE. I’ll tell the story how I got interested in photography and try to give some hopefully useful tips.

One of my favorite tips that I give in the interview is about digital detox. If you feel like you run out of ideas and don’t know what to shoot, then I suggest you have a digital detox to boost your creative side. We live at a time when it’s very easy to get overwhelmed with information. Especially when your work is online and you almost always look at your screen. It might be hard to concentrate or get new creative ideas. You might start comparing yourself to others and feel bad. Sometimes you might feel that everything has already been photographed and there isn’t a point for you to do that. However, there’s always something. You just have to find it even when it takes time.

When I feel uninspired and overwhelmed I like to put all the electronics away and just relax. I usually do something active. I go for a run, do some yoga or play some tennis. Sometimes I just like to read something inspiring or go to the nature to clear my mind. Spending some quality time with my family and friends is an important part. No phones or other electronics. Quite often when I’m in the “relax mode” and without electronics, I have so many ideas what I should cook or shoot next. After this digital detox, I’m usually so productive and I can work longer hours.

Quick 5 Ingredients White Chocolate Coconut Protein Truffles

Quick Paleo & Vegan 5 Ingredients White Chocolate Coconut Protein Truffles (Raffaello) 

about 15-20 truffles


  • 2,5 dl (1,05 cup) desiccated coconut + about 1 dl for decoration
  • 2 dl (0,84 cups) raw cocoa butter drops (or just chopped raw cocoa butter)
  • ½ tsp ground vanilla bean (and a pinch of salt)
  • 1 tbsp pea protein powder (optional)
  • 2 tbsp honey (or maple syrup for vegan option)


  1. Blend coconut, cocoa butter, vanilla, protein (and salt) in a food processor until it looks more like breadcrumbs.
  2. Add honey and blend until it forms a ball.
  3. Make small balls and dip them into coconut.
  4. Let them cool down in a fridge for about 15-30 minutes. Enjoy them right away or pack them into a nice box and give them as a gift for your loved ones.

1 dl = 0,42 cups

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    • Happy to hear that! I always forget that in U.S and probably most of the world you use cups for measurements. We use here dl for deciliters. 1 dl= 0,42 cups. Now I added the cups measurement to the recipe as well. Hope that makes sense 🙂

    • Hi! Good question. I just tried it with maple syrup the other day and the texture is quite similar. However, it might be a little bit softer. So, you might need to add extra tbsp of coconut. I’m not sure because everything might also depend on your room temperature. When it’s too warm in your room, then the cocoa butter might be softer. When you can’t form your balls, then put it in the fridge for 5-10 minutes to cool it down. Hope this was useful information 😉