My Sugar Addiction & 3- Ingredient Raspberry Nice Cream

It feels like summer here and I like to celebrate this with a nice cream. When the sun is shining, then a cold nice cream is all I need. This one here is my kind of ice cream that I like to enjoy on a warm summer day. It’s vegan, paleo and refined sugar-free. You can call it with whatever fancy name you prefer. The most important thing is that it is cold and looks and tastes like ice cream. When you have a big sweet tooth, then you can always add some extra banana.

It’s a perfect treat when you are also trying to work with your sugar addiction. Over the last three years, I decided to cut down on sugars for my overall health. I’m not also talking about white sugar but also honey, dates and other healthier white sugar alternatives. Those alternatives are great but I feel that everything has to be on a right portion and I obviously had a little bit too much. When I was little, then I found all the candies that we had at home. When I didn’t found any, I started baking. I have never been overweight, but probably I ate something sweet every day. However, the good part is that our taste buds change. Now I already feel like something that was sweet before is now CRAZY sweet. Obviously, this recipe here is full of fruit sugars, but at least it ’s better.

Since I have worked with my sugar craving, I have read tons of articles and watched a lot of videos on this topic. Here are the seven most common tips to end the sugar cravings:

1. Drink water? – Yes, that works for me. However, I would also like to replace my water with tea. I still get the water, and the warm cup makes me happy. When I’m tired in the afternoon, then I have some turmeric latte or matcha (warm or iced).

2. Use sweetener such as stevia? – What? Really?! The researches about stevia are confusing. Some say that it’s great and others that it might have many side effects. Many like it because compared to other natural sweeteners such as honey it doesn’t have a lot of calories. When you try to do the research on stevia you might get lost in the endless articles. I personally rather skip this kind of sweetener. If I would like to make a birthday cake, then I would rather use raw honey. Since we have bees in our country house since childhood, then my body is used to honey. Sometimes I also like to use dates, bananas or other fruits. About three years ago I started to replace white sugar with natural sweeteners such as honey and fruit. I can say that it has paid off and I honestly couldn’t care about white sugar anymore. The last white sugar I had on the New Year’s eve with home-baked goods, and I felt so sick after that I don’t want to eat it anymore. Right now I might have some white sugars with Estonian black bread that I sometimes still eat.

3. Have a sugar detox? – Like our computer needs a restart, our body might need one as well. Many people recommend fasting in various forms to clean the body. I have tried easier sugar detox which means that I didn’t eat added sugars for 21 days to clean the body. It’s incredible how much our body changes with 21 days. For me, it wasn’t for weight loss, and I rather did it to get my energy level back. The first seven days I didn’t even eat any fruits. Apparently, there are some sugars in vegetables as well, but I didn’t cut those out. I don’t have white sugar at home, and the sugar detox for me meant that I didn’t eat any sweeteners such as honey, dates, and bananas for 21 days and the first seven days I didn’t eat any fruits. After the seven days, I ate some blueberries and raspberries. This was to clean and reset my body. After the little sugar detox, I can say that the energy level is way better. I don’t want the sugar like crazy. The healthy fats always save the day, and I never feel hungry. It’s amazing how much a teaspoon of chia seeds or a handful of nuts can do. Healthy fats are just fantastic for our body, and most importantly it usually helps me with all my sugar cravings.

4. Eat breakfast? – I always have breakfast since childhood. So, I can’t comment this tip. However, sometimes I don’t make my meals big enough, and because of that, I start to snack a little bit too much.

5. Remove processed food from your home? Same as the previous step. I don’t buy processed foods. Yes, I don’t even have yogurt at home. Maybe the only processed food I have is when I eat outside or buy smoked salmon when I’m too lazy to salt my salmon (or canned chickpeas on salt water, crushed tomatoes, and coconut milk). I like to make all my meals from scratch, and my lazy weeknight dinner is just a big bowl of salad full of healthy fats and protein.

6. Move your body? Couldn’t agree more. I believe that training reduces our stress level and because of that we usually don’t have those sudden sugar cravings. When I have to sit in front of the computer all day long for my studies, then I always feel sick. A good workout always saves the day and reduces my stress level and because of that, I don’t use the sugar to comfort myself.

7. Sleep? Again, couldn’t agree more. Like previous step good night sleep is essential. When I have had a good night sleep, then I always have less cravings. However, I would say that I have two stages of my sugar cravings. For example, when I studied for my exams, then at first I had crazy cravings, and I would eat all day long. But once I was too tired, then I just stopped, and I couldn’t eat anything. Sleep on the other hand always balances it all, and my productivity is way better.

3- Ingredient Raspberry Coconut Nice Cream


  • 150 g / 5,3 oz frozen raspberries
  • 50 g / 1,8 oz unsweetened canned coconut milk or unsweetened coconut yogurt
  • 50 g / 1,8 oz frozen banana (extra ripe)

Decoration: Edible flowers or coconut (optional)

Instructions: Blend all the ingredients and decorate.

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