• Almost Guilt-free Pizza Margherita

    Almost Guilt-free Pizza Margherita

    There are days when you just don´t want to eat anything „healthy“ and you just want some comfort food. Probably if I´m gone say „pizza“, then almost everyone will like it. Some of you like...READ→

  • Chicken Curry with Cauliflower Couscous

    Chicken Curry with Cauliflower Couscous

    This recipe here is something classic with modern kick of magical cauliflower couscous. So, instead usual classic couscous you can fool yourself with cauliflower and you are able to eat more...READ→

  • Meat lovers Chilli con Carne Wrap

    Meat Lovers Chilli con Carne Wrap

    Sometimes I´m laughing that my recipes has to pass honest quality test. This recipe here has successfully passed the test. It´s now my boyfriend favourite meal. Mostly I succeed with desserts which...READ→

  • Grilled Salmon with Secret Sauce

    Grilled Salmon with Secret Sauce

    A lot of meals depend on the sauce. Basically you can overcook the fish and it´s still fine when you have a good sauce.  One of my favourite sauces for the fish is French classic white wine butter...READ→

  • warm-quinoa-grilled-vegetable-salad-2

    Warm Quinoa Grilled Vegetable Salad

    It´s the end of the summer but we can still find a lot of vegetables in the garden. So, if you are already sick of eating them raw, then for a change you can grill whatever vegetables you can find in...READ→

  • chicken-with-lentils-2

    Chicken with Lentils

    This recipe is something really simple and quick. You only need to remember to soak the lentils before and then it takes only 15-20 minutes to make the delicious meal. Lentils are really good for your...READ→

  • Pike Perch

    Pike Perch with Beans

    Yellow beans are already ready in the garden. They fit perfectly together with pike perch (zander). It is a good alternation for usual salmon which is so often used. As always I usually buy a whole...READ→

  • Simple Quinoa with Chanterelles

    I´m really lucky that near my country house are many great places where to pick mushrooms. My favorites are chanterelles. It´s just so nice to pick your own mushrooms near your house and then...READ→

  • Dolmas


    Dolmas are a common dish in the Middle East and surrounding regions including the Balkans, the Caucasus and Russia. I first eat domas in Georgia where it´s usually made with grounded lamb. It was...READ→

  • Cabbage Carbonara

    Carbonara is usually made with pasta and cream. However, if you like to have a light dish, then you can do carbonara with fresh cabbage ribbons. It may sound strange but it´s actually really...READ→