• Birthday Cake

    Raspberry & Chocolate Mousse Cake

    I had a birthday this week. So, I decided to create my dream cake. Raspberry and chocolate mousse cake! It might take a little bit time to make that cake but it’s worth it. The cake just melts in my...READ→

  • Chocolate Mousse

    Back to Basics & Chocolate Mousse

    Back to basics! Sometimes I feel that I go a little bit too creative in the kitchen. So, I decided to go back to basics and start to go through classic recipes. Just to learn more techniques and get...READ→

  • Paleo Chocolate Cupcakes

    Chocolate Cupcakes

    I have been working on this recipe for some time. The first chocolate cupcakes I tried to make were a little bit too bitter. So, I realized that there wasn´t enough sweetness.  However, it quite...READ→

  • Vanilla Bean Gealto with Walnuts Caramel

    Vanilla Bean Gelato with Walnuts

    Somehow I just love to eat ice cream or gelato during wintertime! I can eat it all year long. It´s one of the most amazing desserts. Especially if I can have some homemade ice cream or gelato with...READ→

  • Paleo Smoothie

    Berry Smoothie Cup

    Happy New Year! I hope you all had a nice evening yesterday and you ate a lot of good food! I had an amazing night with my friends and I had a chance to eat wonderful Italian food! However, today...READ→

  • Vegan Paleo Chocolate Hazelnut Tart

    Vegan Paleo Chocolate Hazelnut Tart

    Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and I´m sure you all are full of good food. My Christmas is also full of good food and nice family stories. Although, I try to study for my...READ→

  • Christmas Almonds

    Christmas Almonds

    Sweet almonds are one of the things in Estonia which are quite popular during winter time. In Estonia we usually know them as Olde Hansa almonds (Olde Hansa magusad mandlid) or just sweet almonds....READ→

  • Christmas Gifts

    7 Homemade Christmas Gifts

    Finally my boxes arrived and I was able to finish my small Christmas gift project. I felt like Santas elf while doing these endless gifts. So happy with the results! I only had a vision how they...READ→

  • Raw Vegan Paleo Truffles

    Peanut Butter Coconut Truffles

    The past few weeks I have been concentrated on a small gift project. So, for me it means making truffles. A lot! However, I´m still waiting for my boxes. I hope they will arrive in time. Looks like...READ→

  • Homemade Vanilla Extract

    Gift Idea nr Two: Homemade Vanilla Extract

    Have you thought of doing your own vanilla extract? It´s super easy! Only two ingredeints and takes one minutes of your time. The rest of the time you just wait. Do you have a friend who loves to...READ→

  • Vegan Paleo Gingerbread

    Vegan Paleo Gingerbread

    Do you also like that Christmas smell? Freshly baked gingerbread, Christmas tree and tangerines or other citrus fruits. Some people are crazy about gingerbread and other just don´t like them all. For...READ→