Paleo Chocolate Mud Cake

Paleo Chocolate Mud Cake

Welcome to my blog which has been the place for me to share the inspiration from my kitchen and my love for healthy food and lifestyle.

Why do you blog?

I started this blog because of practical reasons. Quite often I found myself in the kitchen creating new recipes. Then sometimes I wrote them down to my notebook or some random papers which were everywhere. So, when I wanted to make the same thing again, then those papers were gone and time has passed … I had to start all over again.

In addition, there were many people asking me some of my recipes. Quite often I was in trouble, because many of my “recipes” were just in my mind or feeling and I couldn´t really tell the people how many grams or cups of something I used. So, one day when I was looking for my random sheets to give someone my recipe, I understood that these endless notes are useless when I need them. So, it was easier to write them down properly for myself and everyone who can get some inspiration or help out of my recipes.

almond crust, lemon, lemon tart, powder sugar

Who is behind 

I´m Laura Kuklase, law student from Estonia. Right now I´m studying law in University of Tartu (Master´s programm).  However, in my free time I hide myself  in the kitchen, where I go creative and try to develop new recipes. I also love photography! Well, at least I try to make nice photos. All photos here I have made by myself. In addition, when I have too much food ready to eat, then I go for a run or play some tennis. In the winter time I might go skiing or snowboarding. Sometimes I even dance or do some yoga. During my childhood (about 10 years) I spent endless hours in ballroom dance classes.


tennis_2-2I love travelling and hiking in the nature! It inspires me all the time. I have collected some of my travel and nature pictures here.

West Cape Howe Winery, Landsdale Vineyard

What is your food philosophy?

I am healthy foodie who likes whole foods. For me all the ingredients should be as less processed as possible. I always look for natural ingredients or grow the ingredients by myself. In my recipes I use as much superfoods as possible.

I don´t count calories. Instead of that I look how my body reacts to food and I just try to listen to my body. In my menu I usually look how the body digest the food I eat and the amounts I eat. I´m not a vegetarian, vegan or gluten intolerance. Also, I´m not in a raw or paleo diet or any kind of diet. However many of my recipes are just like that.

You can contact me for any good ideas or information by e-mail Furthermore, you can find me at Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest and Bloglovin.